Restricted Appearance Certificate (RAC)

A Restricted Appearance Certificate (RAC) allows lawyers to actively practice law in the Territory on up to three (3) legal matters for the period of one year. It must be renewed prior to each anniversary of the day it was granted or when the three (3) legal matters have been completed (whichever comes first).

If a RAC has been issued for one matter, it may be amended by submitting a request in writing to the administrator of the Law Society of Nunavut to permit the addition of up to 2 matters. Unless the RAC has been amended, the holder is not authorized to engage in the practice of law other than as described in the RAC. For more information, read the RAC Policy.

Renewal of a RAC

For those members who are already authorized to practice under a restricted term, please find the forms necessary to renew your RAC below. This office requires at least 10 (ten) days prior to the expiry date of your term to process your renewal forms. Please note that if your term under a RAC has expired, you cannot renew it but must reapply.