Taskforce on the revision of the Nunavut Statutes Examination

In January 2023, the Taskforce on the revision of the Nunavut Statutes Examination was created, whose important work resulted in a Report shared at the June 2023 Annual General Meeting.

As a result of the Report and a review of the legislative requirements, the Executive reconsidered the establishment and prescription of a special examination for students-at-law to be qualified to practice law in the Territory during a Special Meeting on 28 February 2024.


  1. The Taskforce recommends that the requirement for students-at-law to write the Nunavut Statutes Examination as part of Nunavut’s Bar admission program be immediately abolished.
  2. The LSN Executive shall issue a written statement to reflect that the requirement in s. 18(2) (b) of the LPA that requires passing a Bar admissions examination is satisfied by a Bar admissions program that includes an evaluation or assessment.
  3. On a temporary basis, the LSN shall continue to require Nunavut students-at-law to complete CPLED’s PREP course. Recognizing that CPLED has also contributed to creating systemic barriers, the Taskforce recommends that:
    • The LSN should work with CPLED to develop more Nunavut-specific content and address accessibility concerns within PREP;
    • Establish an “appeal” or review process through the LSN for students who fail CPLED but are successful in their articles to allow the LSN to establish a work plan that may include make-up work with mentors or overseen by a member of the Nunavut Bar to facilitate the student’s admission to the Bar without redoing CPLED.
  4. The Taskforce recommends establishing an anti-racist Nunavut-specific Bar admission program for students-at-law within two years to replace CPLED’s PREP course as the Bar admission course and Bar admission examination for Nunavut within two years. Part of this inquiry will explore whether there should be a different Bar admissions program for students-at-law who completed their legal education outside of the Territory and are seeking admission to the LSN from other jurisdictions, including those applying after completing NCA Accreditation.
  5. The LSN shall conduct a survey of all past students-at-law to assess a broad range of issues to inform the future evolution, development, and success of the Bar admissions process in Nunavut and gather information on what the LSN can do to break down barriers for Inuit students entering the legal profession. This survey should address a broad range of topics, including barriers related to financial strain, mental health, and family obligations.
  6. The LSN shall issue a statement of apology for the harm ceased to Inuit, particularly members of the ASLP and NLP, by the Bar admissions process in Nunavut.