Commencement of Articles

All required documents and fees must be received by the LSN before a student-at-law can begin their articles of clerkship. An application will be considered incomplete and ineligible to be submitted for approval until the required documentation and any other requested documentation has been received.

Certificate of Admission as a Student-at-Law

On the admission of an applicant as a student-at-law, the Secretary issues a certificate of admission as a student-at-law. This is required before a student-at-law can commence their articles of clerkship.

Unauthorized Practice of Law

If a student-at-law has not been issued a certificate of admission as a student-at-law by the LSN Secretary, the work could be considered as unauthorized practice of law despite the work being authorized by their employer.

Term of Service

When the Membership and Admission Committee has approved an application for admission as a student-at-law, the applicant's term of service under the articles shall begin no earlier than the date that a complete application for admission (all the documents and fees) was received.

Only in the case of extenuating circumstances will the Executive consider using discretion and approve a retroactive commencement date.