Scope of Practice

Once admitted as a student-at-law, the student-at-law is considered as counsel under the Legal Profession Act, which means they may:

  • act as counsel or agent before a justice in a civil proceeding or in a proceeding pertaining to an offence punishable on summary conviction;
  • act as counsel or agent before a judge in a proceeding pertaining to an indictable offence in respect of which a judge of the Nunavut Court of Justice has absolute jurisdiction under section 553 of the Criminal Code; or
  • act as counsel on any motion, petition or other proceeding before a judge sitting in chambers.

Court Agents

If a student-at-law is providing legal services during their article term “in relation to a matter for which a defendant is liable, on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term of more than six months", please take note of Regulation R-009-022 Court Agents Order.

Unauthorized Practice of Law

If a student-at-law has not been issued a certificate of admission as a student-at-law by the LSN Secretary, the work could be considered as unauthorized practice of law despite the work being authorized by their employer.