Renew Your Membership and RAC

RAC Renewals 

To renew your RAC, you must now complete and submit your application online.

Membership Renewals 2024  -  Deadline is Wednesday January 31, 2024.

  • Notice of Membership Renewals will be available December 6, 2023.

  • Reminders:

    • PAYMENT - You have an obligation to ensure you or your employer has provided payment to the LSN by January 31 2024.   
    • CLE HOURS - Please limit your reporting to 12 hours. 
      • CLE Quick Tips  including how to report and exemptions.
      • CLE activities organized by the LSN, CBA and the Law Society of Northwest Territories and Yukon can be viewed here.
    • NUNAVUT CLIENTS' TRUST ACCOUNT - Enforcement of ss. 57(2) of the Legal Profession Act 
      • December 6, 2023 Notice to the Profession - To be posted December 6. 
    • CONTACT DETAILS -You have an obligation to update your contact and professional information.

Below you will find the membership renewals instructions.   

Processing time of your renewal application is up to 10 business days. 

If we have any questions about your application, we will first contact you by email.



  • Please review your current information and make any corrections before continuing to Part C 3.


  • And upload the required documents when prompted. 


  • Your renewal application will now be validated by the administrator.
  • If you missed some fields you will need to complete them to finish the renewal application.


To prepare for the online renewal submission:  

       1. Organize your complete list of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) events for 2023

  • CLE Quick Tips. 
  • Please limit your CLE reporting to 12 hours.  
  • CLE activities organized by the LSN, CBA and the Law Society of Northwest Territories and Yukon can be viewed here.
  • All practising members must complete 12 hours of eligible continuing legal education, which must include:
    •  one hour devoted to professional responsibility and ethics; and
    • one hour devoted to cultural competency.
  • For more information on CLE requirements, recognized activities and exemptions, please refer to the CLE section. 

       2. Insurance Exemption Certificate and Undertaking (as applicable) 

  • Submit if you do not require liability insurance coverage through the Law Society of Nunavut.
  • PDF file for uploading - Download the template.
  • For more information on insurance coverage through the Law Society of Nunavut, please refer to Insurance Coverage section.

If you are changing your status from active to inactive during renewal period, you will need to (consult your dashboard) :

  1. Renew your membership as an inactive member; and 
  2. Change your membership status by submitting the designated Form R.1 that applies to your circumstances. 
  • If you are ceasing the practice of law : please submit Form R.1-D to inform the Executive of the intended disposition of your files & important documents that relate to your practice of law in Nunavut or 
  • If you are ceasing your private practice (i.e. leaving your practice in Nunavut as a sole practitioner) : please submit Form R.1-A instead. 

Please submit your completed Form R.1 directly in your renewal form, in PART D : DECLARATION OF APPLICANT. 

If you are planning not to renew your membership and resign from the Law Society, you will need to submit Form R.1 to the LSN for Executive approval.  

Please refer to the Cessation of Practice webpage for instructions.

Depending whether you were practicing law in a law firm, as a sole practitioner or as an employee, you may be required to provide more details on the intended disposition your files & important documents that relate to your practice in Nunavut.

We remind you that you or your employer is responsible for ensuring that payment is made by January 31, 2024.

Payment of applicable fees and levies are payable by

  • Cheque to “The Law Society of Nunavut”
  • EMT to; and EFT and In-person direct deposit (Branch to Branch).
    • Banking details can be found in the invoice .  

Invoice and receipt 

  1. Active with no Nunavut trust account: Total $ 2,441.25 Invoice
  2. Active with a Nunavut trust account: Total $ 2,336.25  Invoice  
  3. Inactive: Total $682.50   Invoice
  • Please send us an email to: if your require a personalized invoice and/or receipt of payment. 


  • Consult the fee calculator below or consult the fee schedule to determine your fees.

Setting up your member's online account

User accounts were setup using the your member contact email provided to LSN.

To start the online application process, you will need to have an online account. 

  • If you are not sure, if an account has been setup for you, enter your email and try resetting your password (see instructions below).
  • If you are not in the system, please contact the Law Society of Nunavut to have your account setup for you.

Phone: 867-979-2330 or toll-free 844-979-2330

Resetting your password 

  • Please go to the login page.  
  • Select "Reset your password" and:
    • Enter your email and a one-time access link to set up your password will be emailed to you.
  • If you do not see an email in your inbox, please check your spam folder and add the following email into your contact list:
  • Password requirements: Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters, one uppercase letter and one special character.

When you are ready to start:


For general inquiries about submitting your online renewal application, including to request a personalized invoice or receipt of payment, please email the Law Society of Nunavut: