Bar Admission Course and Examination

Bar Admission Course

Since March 2014 the Law Society established a collaboration with the Law Society of Manitoba to offer the Manitoba CPLED Bar Admission Course to all Nunavut Students-at-Law. 

2019-20 was the final year for the current CPLED program as we move towards the new and improved CPLED program - CPLED PREP, that commenced in 2021.

                                               CPLED PREP 

  • Registration is completed directly through the CPLED website
  • Important dates:
  • Law Society of Nunavut information when completing your registration :  
    • Province/Territory: Nunavut
    • Law Society ID: Please email 
    • Choosing your jurisdiction to participate in the program: Choose the time zone that will best fit with your schedule: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Nova Scotia (AST)    
  • Payment: Payment is to be made directly to CPLED.

Registration Deadline for PREP 2024/2025: July 17th, 2024

Bar Admission Examination