Student-at-Law Status Extension

It is possible to extend ‘student-at-law' status beyond the length of the overall articling term. 

Upon completion of an articling term, a student-at-law may, if all the requirements have been satisfied, apply for enrolment as a member of the LSN (call to the Nunavut Bar). The LSN however requires time to process these applications and recognizes this can cause a gap between the date a student’s articling term ends and the date of a call to the Bar. Sometimes students-at-law also may require additional time to complete the Bar Admission Course after completing their articles.

If a student-at-law wishes to continue to provide legal services as a student-at-law after the articling term has ended, they must notify the LSN by submitting the required form provided by the LSN. The LSN will grant a 120-day extension provided the student-at-law remains working with their current principal and the principal agrees to continue to provide supervision.

Please see the related Information Note and Student-at-Law Status Extension Notification (PDF) Form.

*The terms of this extension policy came into effect on 1 June 2022.

Without an extension a student cannot lawfully provide legal services as a student-at-law. Students-at-law have the right to practice law (act as counsel and provide legal services) because they are admitted to the Law Society as ‘students-at-law’. As proof of this status the society issues a Certificate of Admission. The certificate is issued for a period that reflects their articling term (usually 12 months).

Without an extension of their status as a student-at-law, a student may not lawfully provide legal services in Nunavut. The Law Society make take regulatory action against anyone engaged in the unauthorized practice of law whether as a student-at-law or lawyer.

No. Once issued, the Certificate of Admission (Extension) is not renewable without prior approval of the Executive Committee.

To obtain an extension, including to seek a renewal of the extension, you must complete the ‘Student- at-law Status Extension Notification’ form and return it to the CEO: The form must be completed and signed by both the student-at-law and the principal. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Once your form is received you will be issued with a Certificate of Admission (Extension) reflecting your status as a student-at-law for the 120-day period following the end of your articling term.

You can notify the LSN anytime before the end of your articling term or within the 120-day period. Your Certificate of Admission (Extension) will be dated from the date your articling term ended. A copy will be provided to the Student-at-Law and the Nunavut Court of Justice.

No, there is no applicable fee.