Practice Advisors

Need Advice? Guidance? Support?

Practice Advisers are available to speak with our Members. All contacts are strictly confidential.

The Practice Advisors of the Law Society of Alberta are available to discuss legal, ethical and practice concerns, as well as assisting lawyers in accessing resources for practice-related stress. Members of the Law Society of Nunavut are invited to contact the Practice Advisors at any time.

Practice Advisors provide assistance and resources to lawyers in relation to strategic planning, practice management, marketing, and technology and systems, with focus on the needs of sole practitioners and lawyers practising in smaller settings. Visit the Law Society of Alberta’s website for more information .

  • The response time for regular or non-urgent inquiries will be between 3 to 5 business days.
  • Practice Advisors will look to limit conversations to a maximum of 30 minutes so that they can assist as many lawyers as possible in a timely and efficient manner.

Practice Advisors  | Toll Free: 1.866.440.4640

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