Monitoring & Compliance


The Law Society of Nunavut will review the annual self-reporting of CLE by randomly auditing members. 

A member who is audited may be asked to provide receipts or other documents to establish the number of hours of recognized CLE and the eligibility of the activities. Members are responsible for retaining records of the CLE activities and to make the records available to the LSN upon request. 


A member who fails to comply with the CLE requirements will have their licence to practice suspended unless they complete and report the required hours of eligible CLE within 30 days of receipt of a notice of a failure to comply from the Secretary and remains suspended until the member has completed and reported the required hours.

Following subrule 53.1(1)(a), to be reinstated, the member will need to pay the reinstatement fees in addition to completing and reporting the required hours of CLE (the Fees Chart for the reinstatement of a member who resigned is available here. You will be able to report those hours in your CLE Report.

Where the circumstances warrant, irregularities may be referred to the Chair of the Discipline Committee for further investigation.