Finance Committee

Committee Officers 2023-2024 

  • Michael Chandler
  • Keith Cruz
  • Michael Rafter
  • Garth Wallbridge – Chairperson


The mandate of the Finance Committee, as set out in the Rules of the Law Society of Nunavut, is:

  • to administer the investment of the Law Society’s funds in accordance with policies determined by the Executive
  • to make recommendations to the Executive concerning:
    1. the Law Society’s funds
    2. the amount of member’s annual fees
    3. the amount of the assurance fund levy and
    4. any other matter concerning the source of the Law Society’s funds
  • to consider the estimate of expenditures presented by the Treasurer and make recommendations on the estimate to the Executive and to perform any additional duties assigned by the Executive

Financial Statements

Financial Statements are available online since 2019 (search AGM plus designated year). To obtain copies from before 2019, please contact the Law Society of Nunavut office.