2021-22 LSN Notice of AGM & Materials


Updated June 6, 13 & 16 2022

Please take note the 2021-22 Annual General Meeting of the Law Society of Nunavut will take place on June 16 at 6pm ET. 



  • President’s Report  (until April 2022) -  Sandhya Chari EnglishInuktitut

  • Law Society Chief Executive Officer's Report - Nalini Vaddapalli English; Inuktitut

    • Reading Lists Mandatory and Supplemental 

      • Please note the Supplemental List requires a final review to ensure the suggested readings that are for purchase have updated accurate links for online purchases. The list will be made available by June 30, 2022.   

  • Access to Justice, Law Society Representatives -  Victoria Perrie and Gloria Song EnglishInuktitut

    • Read the Final Report on Access to Justice on Family Violence in Nunavut launched on March 8, 2022:  EnglishInuktitut

    • Listen to Talking about Justice in Nunavut  Podcasts
      •  Episode 1 | What do we need to know about family violence and abuse, and what can we do?
      • Episode 2 | Thinking about access to justice for family violence in Nunavut 
  • Federation of Law Societies of Canada, Council Member - Sara Siebert  English; Inuktitut

  • Legal Services Board of Nunavut, Law Society Representative - Julie Bedford English; Inuktitut

Reports - Standing Committees 

Nunavut Law Foundation 


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