In Depth: The Intersection Between Mental Illness and Criminal Justice

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
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 LSN Member Shayne Kert is a sole practitioner who has practised criminal and quasi-criminal law in Ontario and Nunavut. In the course of her work as a defence counsel, Shayne has appeared before all levels of trial and appeal courts. In addition to her trial work in Ontario and Nunavut, Shayne also acts as an adjudicator. She is also currently the Chair of the Discipline Committee of the Law Society of Nunavut. Read more here.

Michael Feindel is an Assistant Crown Attorney who specializes in Ontario Review Board practice and has held the position of  ORB  Crown Coordinator for the Toronto Region since 2003. Michael is actively involved in MAG in developing policy and procedures in the area of mental disorder law and is a frequent contributor to legal and medical conferences on the subject.

  • When: May 26 from 5:30pm to 8pm ET ( late start and health break)
  • Where and How: Aqsarniit Hotel, Iqaluit; and virtual option was made available
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  • Recognized Hours:  2 hours and 15 minutes

Increasingly, individuals experiencing mental disorders are becoming involved with the criminal justice system. Today, criminal lawyers require specialized knowledge and skills to deal with psychiatric issues that arise throughout the criminal law process.

This presentation will examine the interaction between mental disorder and the criminal justice system, offering both a legal and practical working knowledge in respect of Part XX.1 of the Criminal Code (the mental disorder provisions). We will review some of the leading jurisprudence and will provide counsel with assistance in the handling of mental health cases within the criminal justice system.

Various topics to be covered include mental health assessments, fitness to stand trial, treatment orders, and not criminally responsible (NCR) verdicts. We will also provide intensive instruction regarding practice before the Nunavut Review Board.