The Polar Barristers

Law Society of Nunavut Newsletter | Spring 2021

Interview with John MacLean – President of the Law Society of Nunavut

In August 2010, John MacLean boarded a plane leaving behind the hot and muggy city of Toronto for adventure in Canada’s North. Originally from Nova Scotia and a graduate of the University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Law, John found his way to Nunavut and the career opportunity of a lifetime. 

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Nunavut Law Program Graduation

Committed to realizing a vision of a well-educated and self-reliant Nunavummiut, the Government of Nunavut, Nunavut Arctic College and the University of Saskatchewan College of Law formed a partnership to deliver the Nunavut Law Program. On September 11, 2017, the journey began. Four years later on June 2nd, 2021, the graduating class convocated online, receiving their Juris Doctor (JD) degree.

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Access to Justice

Building connections through a collaborative approach to better respond to the legal needs and interests of all Nunavummiut, the Access to Justice program strives to provide relevant resources and information that will help increase understanding of individual rights and direct individuals to the legal help they need. 

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Notices to the Profession on the Practice of Law

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Spotlight on Koovian Flanagan - Public Representative

Koovian Flanagan is the current public representative for the Law Society of Nunavut and is in the process of being considered for another three year term by the Minister of Justice. The position of Public Representative presents a "great opportunity to help hand pick lawyers who truly want to provide the best service for the most vulnerable clients in Nunavut."

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Spotlight on Member Mia Manocchio

The first time Mia Manocchio set foot in Nunavut she said to herself, “I have to move here some day.” Since 2008, Mia commuted between Iqaluit and Montreal, coming to Nunavut to attend Court proceedings. Two years ago, she decided that commuting was no longer working for her. Leaving Montreal behind, she decided to make Iqaluit her home. "I love living here. I should have done this a long time ago."

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Spirit of Giving

In memory of Justice Beverley Browne and her dedication and involvement with youth during her time spent in Nunavut. 

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Interview with Lana Walker - President of the Canadian Bar Association

Living in Iqaluit, Nunavut is quite different from living in Kamloops, BC. For Lana Walker, President of the Canadian Bar Association – Nunavut Branch, and the Director of the Nunavut Law Program, she loves calling Iqaluit home. "Growing up in Kamloops I never imagined that I would live in Toronto, let alone the Arctic – but I’ve made a career in both places."

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Interview with Sarah Arngna'naaq – Chair of the Nunavut Law Foundation

It could be argued that Sarah Arngna’naaq’s journey to Chair of the Nunavut Law Foundation may have started in Ghana, West Africa – a long way from the Canadian Arctic. “It was a great experience, but while there I realized there are many parallels between developing countries and the ex-colonial history and indigenous people in Canada.”

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