Lawyer Mental Health and Wellness

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Join us for the Lunch and Learn Series 

Who?  Marsha Ellis, York University Legal Studies (and certified yoga instructor) 

Marsha is pleased to be invited to speak with the Nunavut Law Society Lunch Chat group.

We will discuss the “Stress Cycle & The Neuroscience of Yoga” as well as practice some effective yoga, pranayama, mindfulness and grounding practices that may help you to manage stress throughout your day.  

This presentation will discuss the science of how yoga affects your brain and how to harness some of these benefits for yourself. We will overview the effect of stress on the nervous system; briefly reviewing the function of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. 

 We will refer to some of the recent scientific research findings on yoga and executive function, stress, mood, and risk tolerance from Dr. Jonathan Rosenthal, chief resident physician in Neurology at NYU and dedicated yoga practitioner. And we will have the opportunity to try some practical simple yoga, mindfulness and pranayama practices that you will be invited to try as a group during the presentation.

What? Lawyer Mental Health and Wellness 

When? Wednesday, June 19  from 12-1pmET   Online

How?  Online via Zoom

Watch Here:

Yoga Impact of Autonomic Dysfunction
Neuoscience of yoga Powerpoint Presentation
Marsha Yoga Bio 2024


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