2023 Membership Renewals


                                                           NOTICE of 2023 MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS

                                                                     & ANNUAL FEES AND LEVIES

                                                                                                                                Deadline is Tuesday January 31, 2023 


 Detailed Notice (with payment instructions)  - English; Inuktitut 


Dear Members,

Renewal applications are submitted online.

  • Please allow up to 10 business days to process your online renewal application.
  • If we have any questions about your application, we will first contact you by email.
  • Learn more
    • Changing your status from Active to Inactive 
    • Resignations 
    • Payment - Each Member is responsible for ensuring payment has been received by January 31, 2023. 

We remind you of your obligation to update your contact and professional information. Learn how to update your contact information. 

Questions can be sent to:  info@lawsociety.nu.ca ; three business days standard of response.

Membership Renewal Fees

  • Active with no trust account in Nunavut: Total $ 2,441.25 Invoice
  • Active with a trust account in Nunavut: Total $ 2,336.25  Invoice  
  • Inactive: Total $682.50    Invoice