Awareness Campaign

Together, let’s break the silence on family violence and abuse in Nunavut

On International Women's Day 2021, the Law Society of Nunavut and Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada launched a public awareness campaign to support Nunavummiut in recognizing the different forms of abuse and where to get help.

The one-year 'Break the Silence' public awareness campaign:

  • Supports survivors, service providers and Nunavummiut to break the silence on family violence in Nunavut, together.
  • Increases public understanding about the legal options available through the Family Abuse Intervention Act (FAIA), including Emergency Protection Orders (EPOs) and Community Intervention Orders (CIOs).
  • Serves as a space to foster and strengthen collaborations amongst various stakeholders working to end family violence in the territory.
  • Builds on the work of the Law Society of Nunavut's Access to Justice Program and other public legal education initiatives.
  • Continues Pauktuutit's work to improve the lives of Nunavummiut in their efforts to eliminate violence in the home.
  • Is guided by Inuit societal values, thanks to support from the ilinniapaa Skills Development Centre (iSDC).
  • Is informed by the interview, focus groups and community visits completed for the Access to Justice for Family Violence Prevention Project.



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Break the Silence Campaign Launch

Episode 1 | What do we need to know about family violence and abuse, and what can we do?

This podcast talks about what family violence and abuse is and where to get help, featuring interviews with:

  • Ruth Eetuk Pootoolik, Community Justice Outreach Worker and Acting Community Justice Specialist in Coral Harbour, Department of Justice, Government of Nunavut
  • Joan Killulark, Community Health Representative in Baker Lake, Department of Health, Government of Nunavut
  • Camilla Sehti, Community Mental Health Specialist, Mental Health and Addictions Team, Government of Nunavut
  • Raha Ravasian, Project Manager, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada
  • Noah Papatsie, Facilitator and Curriculum Advisor, ilinniapaa Skills Development Centre (iSDC)


Part 1 of 2

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Part 2 of 2

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