Polar Barristers Newsletter | Summer 2022

Spotlight on Law Society Member Stephen Mansell

Many who have come to visit Nunavut, Iqaluit in particular, often comment on the sense of community, of the people who are welcoming, and the beauty of the surrounding land. As such, it should be no surprise that Iqalummiuq Stephen Mansell has seen his personal journey come full circle. Since 2009 Mansell has held several different roles within the Government of Nunavut and even tried his hand at municipal politics. 

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Law Society's Representative on the Legal Services Board - Julie Bedford

In 2013 while working in The Greater Toronto Area, Julie came across a post for a staff lawyer position with the Nunavut Legal Services Board.  As someone who loved to travel and wanting to see the North, this presented as the perfect opportunity, so Julie jumped on it.

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Access to Justice Update

Building connections through a collaborative approach to better respond to the legal needs and interests of all Nunavummiut, the Access to Justice program strives to provide relevant resources and information that will help increase understanding of individual rights and direct individuals to the legal help they need. 

The Law Society is pleased to provide an update on the Family Violence Prevention project and Prevention of Harassment project as well as share what’s to come 
throughout the remainder of 2022.

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Notices to the Profession

  • 2022-23 Executive Committee - AGM overview
  • Continuing Legal Education Policy
  • Updated Nunavut Code of Conduct
  • Notices to the Profession on the Practice of Law
  • Updated Reading lists are available

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2021 Neil Sharkey Volunteer Award Recipient John MacLean  

John MacLean, a member of the Nunavut bar since 2010, was awarded the Neil Sharkey Volunteer Award for his long-standing dedication to the profession and its various related organizations.

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 nomination and journey to Nunavut here


Nunavut Law Foundation Notice

Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts pursuant to ss. 57(2) of the Legal Profession Act

June 7, 2022, Notice to the ProfessionEnglish | Inuktitut

TAKE NOTICE THAT the Nunavut Law Foundation is asking that all members who maintain trust accounts outside of the territory come into compliance with subsection 57(2) of the Legal Profession Act before membership renewals are due to the Law Society for the 2024/2025 membership year. This request is in response to broad non-compliance with this section and resulting deficiency in funds available to the Law Foundation to fulfill its mandate.