Notice of 2023 Annual General Meeting


2023 Annual General Meeting of the Law Society of Nunavut

Pursuant to subsections 10(1) and 10(2) of the Legal Profession Act:

Agenda -  Changes to the agenda will be posted online.

Materials - Will be posted as they become available . 

  • 2023 Audited Financial Statements for adoption

  • 2022 AGM Draft Minutes for adoption 


  • President’s Report  - Joanne Smith English; Inuktitut

  • Law Society Chief Executive Officer's Report - Nalini Vaddapalli English; Inuktitut

  • Access to Justice, Law Society Representatives -  Daisy McCabe-Lokos  English; Inuktitut

  • Federation of Law Societies of Canada, Council Member - Mark Mossey English; Inuktitut

  • Legal Services Board of Nunavut, Law Society Representative - Julie Bedford English; Inuktitut

Reports - Standing Committees 
  • Discipline Committee, Report delivered by the Deputy Secretary English; Inuktitut

    •  Chair - Erin George 

  • Legal Ethics and Practice Committee, Chair - Nikolai Sittmann English; Inuktitut

  •   Membership and Admissions Committee, Chair -  Rohan Brown  English; Inuktitut

    • Annual Membership Statistics
  • Rules Committee, Chair - Thomas Ahlfors English; Inuktitut

Nunavut Law Foundation 
  • Chair's report - Sarah Arngna'naaq  English; Inuktitut

    • 2023 Audited Financial statements  for adoption