Lawyer referrals - Area of Practice

What is the referral service:
  • This referral service is maintained and provided to the public by the Law Society. The lawyers listed here have their names and areas of practice listed here. All lawyers listed here are authorized to practice law for Nunavut matters. Some live in Nunavut , some live outside Nunavut. 

  • This is not a list of all lawyers who are members of the Law Society of Nunavut , only those who have asked to be included.

How to find a lawyer: 
  • To find lawyers under a particular area of practice, click on that area of practice listed on the right side of the screen.
  • This referral service is also available by contacting the Law Society office: Toll-free 844- 979-2330 or
Please note that:
  • The Law Society does not provide any guarantees about availability or ability of lawyers listed in this referral service. Lawyers listed in this service are not obligated to accept new clients or provide legal advice.
  • Members of the public who use this referral are not obligated to retain the services of any lawyer contacted through this service.

Information on this service is accurate to the best of the Law Society's knowledge.


First name Middle name Last name Address Phone
Andrew Paul Geisterfer Edmonton, AB (780) 452-6800 Details
Ricki-Lee Salme Gerbrandt Calgary , AB (403) 888-1905 Details
Edward Wayne Gullberg Yellowknife, NT (867) 766-7680 Details
Mark Andrew Gustafson Victoria, BC (250) 405-3570 Details
Matthew John Halpin Ottawa, ON (613) 780-8654 Details
Patrick Terrance Haughian Edmonton, AB (780) 482-9200 Details
Denise Marie Hendrix Calgary, AB (403) 269-9400 Details
James David Henry Ottawa, ON (613) 369-4788 Details
Christopher James Hogg Cambridge Bay, NU (867) 983-2906 Details
M. Alyssa Holland Ottawa, ON (613) 288-0149 Details
Tobin Brooks Horton Toronto, ON (416) 572-8343 Details
Yvan Germain Houle Montreal, QC (514) 954-3146 Details
Judith Anne Hull London, ON (519) 672-5666 Details
JoAnn Patricia Jamieson Bragg Creek, AB (403) 465-1424 Details
Dixon Timothy Jeremy Yellowknife, NT (867) 766-7692 Details
William Joseph Kenny Edmonton, AB (780) 429-1751 Details
Shayne Kert Toronto, ON (416) 863-0141 Details
Mara Lynne Koven-Lapointe Winnipeg, MB (204) 957-6424 Details
Christine Jante Sheila Kowbel Vancouver, BC (604) 631-6762 Details
Martin (Toby) Tobias Kruger Yellowknife, NT (867) 669-5500 Details
Marie-Josée Lafleur Gatineau, QC (819) 775-5000 Details
Raphaelle Laframboise-Carignan Ottawa, ON (613) 567-2901 Details
Lorraine Yvonne Land Toronto, ON (416) 981-9444 Details
Jeffrey Joseph Paul Langevin Ottawa, ON (613) 237-0006 Details
Therese Claire Layton Edmonton, AB (780) 425-9510 Details