Advisory Committee

The Family Violence Prevention Project Advisory Committee was originally intended to be designated members from Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada. However, after the 2019 community consultations, both the Law Society of Nunavut and Pauktuutit recognized the importance of inviting a wider-range of organizations—government and non-government, legal and non-legal—to be on the Advisory Committee.

Advisory Committee Members

The wealth of knowledge and expertise shared by these representatives ensures the project is carried out in a relevant, appropriate and sensitive manner. We are grateful for their ongoing commitment and guidance.

Caroline Anawak (until December 2019) and Sherri Robertson (since January 2020)
Executive Director, YWCA Agvvik Society

Beth Beattie
Executive Director, Qulliq Nunavut Status of Women Council

Tagalik Eccles
Youth Representative, Nunavut Law Program Student

Priscilla Ferrazzi (until February 2020)
University of Alberta, Adjunct Professor

Nancy Hellyer
Family Law Lawyer, Maliiganik Tukisiinakvik Legal Services, Iqaluit

Hagar Idlout-Sudlovenick
Director of Social Policy, Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA)

Christine Aye (since fall 2020)
A/Director, Community Justice, Department of Justice, Government of Nunavut

Donna Olsen-Hakongak
A/Community Justice Manager, Department of Justice, Government of Nunavut

Margaret Piercey (since December 2020)
Health Promotion Specialist, Department of Health, Government of Nunavut

Margaret Wormell
Family Violence Specialist, Department of Family Services, Government of Nunavut

Natalie Salguero (since fall 2020)
Senior Policy Analyst, Department of Justice, Government of Nunavut  

Nicole Sikma
Justice of the Peace 

Rita Strickland (until July 2020)
Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of Justice, Government of Nunavut

Jessica Young (since summer 2020)
Assistant Deputy Minister, Public Safety, Department of Justice, Government of Nunavut