Reading List

For application for Regular Membership under the Territorial Mobility Agreement (Permanent Mobility)

List of Authorities, Statutes and Rules
(as approved by the Law Society of Nunavut 19 March 2005)

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they are relying upon the current legislation including all amendments which have been made.

The following legislation is available at the Government of Nunavut's legislation division's webpage:

  • Business Corporation Act (Nunavut)
  • Child and Family Service Act (Nunavut)
  • Children’s Law Act (Nunavut)
  • Cities, Towns and Villages Act
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Court of Appeal Rules (Civil)
  • Court of Appeal Rules (Criminal)
  • Creditors Relief Act (Nunavut)
  • Evidence Act (Nunavut)
  • Family Law Act (Nunavut)
  • Human Rights Act
  • Interpretation Act (Nunavut)
  • Judicature Act (Nunavut)
  • Justice of the Peace Act (Nunavut)
  • Labour Standards Act (Nunavut)
  • Land Titles Act (Nunavut)
  • Legal Profession Act (Nunavut)
  • Mechanics’ Lien Act
  • Nunavut Act [S. C. 1993, c. 28 as amended]
  • Partnership Act (Nunavut)
  • Personal Property Security Act
  • Probate Rules
  • Public Trustee Act
  • Residential Tenancies Act (Nunavut)
  • Seizures Act (Nunavut)
  • Summary Conviction Procedures Act (Nunavut)

Nunavut Model Code of Conduct 
Nunavut Land Claim Agreement 
Rules of the Law Society