Policies and Requirements


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November 26, 2020 Special Meeting -  Take note of new activities now included in recognized activities:  

  • Moot Court (Coaching or Judging) 3 credits per hour of coaching or judging; 3 hours max
  • Pro Bono (LSN Access to Justice Program) 1 credit per hour of pro bono; 3 hours max 
  • Read the special meeting-related memo and resolution: InuktitutEnglish
Unrestricted Self Study 1 credit per hour 2 hours maximum
Restricted Self Study 1 credit per hour 2 hours maximum
Group Study 1 credit per hour Unlimited
Educational Training 1 credit per hour Unlimited
Teaching of a Course 3 credits per hour taught Unlimited
Invited Speaker - Law-Related Event 2 credits per hour of presentation Unlimited
Nunavut Official Language  Training 1 credit per hour 1 hour maximum

Reporting Requirements, Monitoring and Compliance

Requirement Applicability to type of membership Sanction for non-compliance during Pilot Project period Sanction for non compliance after Pilot Project period
Self-reporting: Complete Appendix B with annual membership renewal forms by January 31 of each year All members (including newly called lawyers and inactive members). N/A Administrative suspension
Complete a minimum of 12 hours of recognized CPD activities. All members except newly called lawyers and inactive members. Non compliance for lack of activities: A member must provide a written explanation of his or her effort in attempting to fulfill requirements. Administrative suspension.