What is the lawyer referral service?

Some members of the Law Society participate in a referral service. This means that these lawyers inform the Law Society which areas of law they practice (ex. Real estate, employment, criminal) and that they are open to being contacted by prospective clients who may need their assistance.

Once provided with this information the Law Society is able to generate a list of lawyers who practice in a specific or multiple areas of law to give to a member of the pubic.

Nunavut is unique because only about a third of our lawyers are “resident lawyers” (living within Nunavut) whereas the remainder reside outside of the Territory and are “Non-Resident” lawyers.

It is important to note that there will often be both non-resident and resident lawyers on the referral list and just because a lawyer does not live within Nunavut does not mean they cannot be of assistance.

To access the Law Society’s referral service, you can either send an email with your request to administrator@lawsociety.nu.ca or call us at 867-979-2330 or toll free at 844-979-2330.

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