Policies and Requirements


September 2017: Comments received by the membership during the fall 2015 consultation have been considered by the Committee. We thank all of our members who provided valuable comments and suggestions. A revised CPD policy will be submitted to the Executive Committee by the end of this current year and then submitted to the Membership for consideration and approval during the May 2018 LSN AGM.

Range of Activities Recognized by the CPD Program.

Download the Description of Types of Activities

Unrestricted Self Study 1 credit per hour 2 hours maximum
Restricted Self Study 1 credit per hour 2 hours maximum
Group Study 1 credit per hour Unlimited
Educational Training 1 credit per hour Unlimited
Teaching of a course 3 credits per hour taught Unlimited
Nunavut Official Language  Training 1 credit per hour 1 hour maximum

Reporting Requirements, Monitoring and Compliance

Requirement Applicability to type of membership Sanction for non compliance during Pilot Project period Sanction for non compliance after Pilot Project period
Self-reporting: Complete Appendix B with annual membership renewal forms by January 31 of each year All members (including newly called lawyers and inactive members). N/A Administrative suspension
Complete a minimum of 12 hours of recognized CPD activities. All members except newly called lawyers and inactive members. Non compliance for lack of activities: A member must provide a written explanation of his or her effort in attempting to fulfill requirements. Administrative suspension.

The Canadian Bar Association and the Law Society of Nunavut have developed a cooperative relationship designed to bring resident lawyers professional development/ continuing education opportunities, with other incidental benefits, such as enhanced collegiality. Click here for more information.

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