Membership directory

This list contains a list of all Lawyers who are members of the Law Society.

It includes:

  • Active members, those who are actively working as lawyers on Nunavut matters. Active members can be Resident – working in Nunavut or Non-Resident - working outside Nunavut.
  • Inactive members who are still members of the Law Society but are not authorized to practice law.
  • Suspended members, those lawyers who have been suspended and are no longer allowed to practice law.

Restricted Appearance Certificate (RAC) holders,. A list of lawyers from Canadian jurisdictions who have permission to work on limited matters in Nunavut is available here.

First name Last name Address Phone Practicing Status
Gary Wool Iqaluit, Nunavut (867) 669-6947 Regular - Active Membership Details
Gary Yabsley North Vancouver, British Columbia (604) 988-5201 Regular - Inactive Membership Details
Matthew Young Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (867) 920-6022 Regular - Active Membership Details
Jamison Young Ottawa, Ontario (613) 237-5160 Regular - Active Membership Details
Anyuan Yuan Iqaluit, Nunavut (867) 975-4913 Regular - Active Membership Details