Awareness Campaign

Breaking the silence on family violence in Nunavut 

Through validation workshops, the results of the research study have informed the public awareness campaign and key messages about family violence in Nunavut. Guided by Inuit societal values, the public awareness campaign will aim to empower Nunavummiut to recognize abusive situations and to increase public understanding about the Family Abuse Intervention Act and other available legal options. The campaign will have a broad reach, targeting survivors, service provides and other community members. Multiple innovative components will be used to share the information, including information events, videos, posters, podcasts, plain language resources, radio interviews, and social media.

By establishing baseline information on unmet legal needs, this project will make a significant contribution to understanding access to justice in Nunavut. The awareness campaign will also play a crucial role in promoting access to justice, building on the past work of the Law Society of Nunavut through its Access to Justice committee and public legal education initiatives. Most importantly, in continuing Pauktuutit’s work on family violence, this project aims to improve the lives of Nunavummiut in their efforts to eliminate violence in the home.